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Champions on Ice 4/29 Review and pics [May. 5th, 2006|08:29 pm]
Sasha Cohen Chatter


I had the pleasure of seeing our girl Sasha skate live at Champions on Ice last Saturday in East Rutherford, NJ. I thought I'd share my review and pictures with you. :) Enjoy!

It was absolutely amazing. I loved it. I used to go to the shows all the time when I was younger and still competing, but I hadn't been in probably a good 6 or 7 years. This year I became really invested in watching the skating on tv again, and I really wanted to go to see Sasha. Unfortunately the Albany show was cancelled, so my parents and I had to drive 150 miles to East Rutherford! But it was so worth it.
So we got into NJ early, and stopped in one of the malls and had dinner, then headed to the arena around 7. We got a little lost and had to turn around, but we made it there in plenty of time. I bought a program, then we went to get our seats. Then, the first big surprise of the evening! Our tickets said third row. So I was like, yeah, awesome, should be good. But we get there only to find that we were in the FIRST ROW! There were no rows 2 or 1! So we were right on the end, near where the skaters come out, right in the very first row! I was so excited, it was amazing!
Finally the show was going to start, and I couldn't wait. The opening number was very good, it was a perfect chance to get a little taste of all the skaters and let them do their thing. Evan was a great choice to start with. He was great. OMG, when Michelle Kwan came out, she skated around a little while waiting for her cue, and she was literally probably about a foot in front of me on the ice. I was like, "wow." Now keep in mind that I was a little distracted during the opening looking for Sasha over by the entrance...then finally, I saw her. I was sure it was her because come on, what Sasha fan can't recognize her, even in the dark? Upon seeing her I had even more of a reaction than I thought I would. I think it didn't hit me until right then that I was going to see Sasha Cohen skate live! So I had about the biggest fangirl moment of my life. I literally started bouncing and was like, "OMG! THERE'S SASHA!" to my parents. They were like, "oh that's nice" as they tried to watch the opening, lol. But I continued to spaz. I think I was literally shaking a little and got kind of choked up. Really. I didn't think I would have that big of a reaction, but I guess after completely idolizing this girl for the past few months, seeing her in person was just amazing. When she went out for her part I screamed "GO SASHA!" as loud as I could. The lady next to me probably thought I was insane. But anyways, she looked awesome in a pink sparkly dress. She did a couple of Russian splits and her Sasha spiral to "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat dolls.
Then the show began! I am going to try to go in order, if I remember correctly, it may be a little off though:
Rudy Galindo: The crowd loved him. He cracks me up, he has just as much energy as he did ten years ago when I saw him. Don't remember much about his performance specifically as I was still hyperventilating a little from Sasha. ;)
Surya Bonaly: Her one-footed backflips never cease to amaze me. Another thing that struck me about her was how tiny she is! She can't be more than 5 foot. But she was great, again, it's amazing she's still doing this. Lots of energy.
Dan Hollander: He was really good and very funny! His program was hilarious, and he did some awesome super fast footwork that really got the audience going. And he ended with a backflip. Very crowd-pleasing performance.
Johnny Weir: You could tell how much he was enjoying himself during this program. His face looked so serene and calm. He didn't do too many jumps, but the ones he did just seemed so effortless. He always makes it look so easy. Very impressive performance, and the crowd loved him.
Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto: I absolutely adore them, so I was very excited to see them live! And they did not disappoint. Seeing their original dance live was very cool. They put a lot of energy into it, and were all smiles the whole time. Tanith is, if possible, even more gorgeous in person. Their lift thing they do where she puts her leg on his shoulder and he spins her around got a big crowd reaction and was down at my end too, so that was very exciting. They were great.
Victor Petrenko: I don't remember much about him, except that he wore all black, so my pictures of him didn't come out very good. The crowd liked him a lot though, probably because he's been doing these shows forever.
Marina Anissia and Gwendal Peizerat: They were very good. They did a cool routine with a lot of emotion and expression. Very nice.
Irina Grigorian: Okay, I do have to say that I don't think she really belongs in this show...but she was entertaining and impressive nonetheless. You can't really help but be amazed by her unique talents. The audience loved her.
Evan Lysacek: He was awesome! Very funny and cute routine, and he definitely did the most jumps of anyone. He landed a big triple lutz right down at my end, so that was awesome. He had a lot of energy and his athleticism was definitely impressive. And he looked pretty hot. ;)
Irina Slutskaya: She is legit adorable in person. Her face is just the cutest thing. She is also smaller than you would think! Her program was good, flirty and energetic to "Hey Big Spender". As always I thought she was a little sloppy though. She did about two triples I think.
Vladimir Besedin and Oleksiy Polishchuk: Again...they don't really belong in Champions on Ice. But they did some pretty amazing stuff...they're crazy! They made me nervous! I thought their performance was a little too long, but you can't help but be impressed. They definitely got the most laughs of the evening, and the audience loved them.
Tatiana Totmyanina and Maxim Marinin: They were one of my favorites of the evening. The emotion and expression in their skating was just so tangible and great, and they skated to "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera, which I love. They did some very difficult elements as well, side by side triple toes right in front of me, a HUGE throw triple loop that was smooth as ever, and a twist, it may have been just a double though. And of course their lifts were stunning. I was very, very impressed by them and it was clear why they were the Olympic champions.
Okay, and towards the end of their performance I saw SASHA standing there waiting to go out in her red dress and started to get so excited yet again. :p
Sasha Cohen: Of course, the main event! She was absolutely AMAZING. I love her God Bless America program. As with anything she pours so much passion into it and you can tell she loves the program. Her dress was the best of the night too, and it really popped on the ice, probably why my pictures of her are some of the best! She did a double axel and a triple sal, and landed them both BEAUTIFULLY. I was so proud of her. It was really nice to see her skate flawlessly live. All of her elements were just superb, she definitely includes all of the things she is known for in this program! The Sasha spiral, the gorgeous Charlotte, which came right towards us, the beautiful Ina Bauer leaning so far back, her Sasha spin, the amazing split jumps, and my favorite move of hers, the forward catchfoot where she pulls her leg all the way in and then grabs with the opposite hand. Absolutely exquisite. Seeing her skate live was everything I dreamed it would be. And of course, the spiral. This brought down the house, and I literally said "Oh My God" out loud just because I was actually SEEING this move that I have admired so many times right there! She held this across like, the whole rink, and at the end she was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME about a foot away, and the look of joy on her face showed how much she LOVES that move. It was incredible. I'm still a little in shock. And at the end she definitely got the loudest applause of the night, next to Michelle. I LOVE SASHA.
Evgeni Plushenko: Don't remember much about him after Sasha..but he was very good, did some very impressive jumps and such. Very impressive skater, again, you can see clearly why he's a champion.
Michelle Kwan: Now, I have never been a Michelle Kwan fan, but it would have been impossible to not love her performance. She looked very pretty with her hair down. She did some very nice elements, no jumps though. But I must say...her spiral looked kind of crappy after Sasha's! :sasha: Seriously, it did. Very lackluster after seeing Sasha's perfect extension! But beautiful performance, and of course she brought the house down with the loudest applause of the night.
Then it was time for the closing number! Very cute, everyone had the umbrellas first, and they skated around. Then they slowly left the ice and came out again in small groups with different costumes as each performer did a little solo. Sasha came out in a gorgeous white sparkly dress towards the end and did another spiral, another GORGEOUS triple salchow...she was amazing. And then the music changed to something upbeat and catchy and they all danced around, Sasha was adorable. The closing number was very long and enjoyable. And then at the end the whole cast got a standing ovation. Then everyone reached out their hands in hopes of getting high fives as they skated around the rink waving. Tanith slapped a few hands on the other side of the rink, but most of them didn't that I saw.
Amazing, amazing show!
Okay, then came the real adventure...
You guys know that I was hopeful in getting a pass for the meet and greet. So my dad had asked an usher during intermission and he told us to take the elevator down after the show. So we found the elevator and realized that everyone in it had a pass around their neck. We asked a couple people who were waiting how they got theirs, and they said they knew one of the skaters. They didn't have any extras, of course. It actually turned out they had backstage passes, which I didn't know at the time were different from the meet and greet passes. So anyways, we tried to sneak onto the elevator...:o haha my dad walked right past the guy with his back to him but then the guy saw my mom and I and was like "do you have passes?" and we were like "Um....no." So we couldn't take the elevator. So anyways, we went back upstairs to go back to the car, I was pretty disappointed, but I was still so happy I had gotten to see her skate live. So then anyways, we're on the way out when we spot the people waiting in the meet and greet line. They all had stickers on that were the passes. I asked some of the people if they had an extra but they all said no. By this point my parents had accepted defeat, so we left. Oh well.
I hope that next year the Albany show isn't cancelled, because I know people who work there and would definitely be able to get passes! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I tried.
Anyways, again, amazing show!

Click here for pictures!
They are in chronological order, so the Sasha ones are towards the end. The images are large, so the page might take a while to load if your net is slow.
Hope you enjoy!